Monochromes fashion tips and suggestions!

Summertide has finally hit the city and we are all so ready to take our best short–ons out of our closets, accessorize them and bring in some fusion to spark them up. If you are also an accessory junkie and love to tot them up your outfits then Velvet Vow is here to serve your all seasonal knack.

Don’t we love how a little pretty piece of accessory can be the star of our outfit and totally rock it. Here is to celebrate the sense of minimalism in styling. And the first thing we need to wear is a designer bag from 4bag eshop!

LOOK 1 : Lunar Drapes

This is one look which is so simple yet so fashion forward. Constant shift in color trends often complicates picking the right hues, hence this look sticks to the basic roots of plains and patterns. The white drape curves around smoothly and the stunning neck-piece adds an edge to it.

A casual-mild dress can be turned into an Indo-Western garb by the right choice of jewellery. And this one here upgrades the scope of the fabric with its contrast. These black quads spread out neatly and layer the white high-neck.

This look per say is one facile ensemble of star shade white, brass black and red subtleties that make its chromaticity quite appealing. Although the neck-piece attracts primal attention, the cross-hatch print sneakers fit in just outrightly. They provide a chummy closure to the dress while adding newer funky overtones. The add-ons revamp the entire comfy-snug look into that of a chic-pick outfit. Check it out!

Look 2: High On LBDs                                

Ah, the Little Black Dress. It’s been a cornerstone of closets for eons and can do no wrong by us. LBDs are every girl’s spot on party savior. Moreover black is slimming and forgiving, instantly dresses you up and works on every body type. But is every LBD a steal deal?

As we step in and out of them we often neglect the outlines and cuts of our black bombers. The tracery of the dress is an important a factor if you are hunting your next little black dress. Curve-skimming silhouettes? Totally. For this one the side cuts in dress were just perfect.

They tease the waist curves quite convincingly. The gold-chrome handcuff from The Velvet Vow was so right a pick up for the outfit. It adds a stark metal dimension to the black viewpoint. Instead of pairing the outfit up with heels the favorite brown shoes are opted for. The worn out brownies blend with the dark tang of the look and also have a sturdy feel to them. So next time you mirror up your LBDs try and spice them up with far-out carnal additions.

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