Why does the smell of sewage appear in the bathroom?

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Why does the smell of sewage appear in the bathroom?

Smells play an important role in our lives. Even the impression that a house makes on a person is called the atmosphere. The ladies do their best to make it enjoyable: they clean, they take care of the ventilation, and they use air fresheners. So do Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς when they are called to unclog the sewerage.

If there is a smell of sewage in the bathroom, it spreads quickly throughout the house and poisons life. Let’s learn how to deal with it.

Sewage dirt is dangerous

It is impossible to get used to the smell of the sewer. The volatile gases from the siphon and the pipes are distributed in all areas of the house or apartment. This scent is disgusting, it spoils the mood. When guests arrive, the owners of the “fragrant” house must apologize and make excuses.

Psychological distress is far from the worst that sewer dirt brings. Much worse is that it is dangerous to health. The ability to separate odors into pleasant and unpleasant is a biological mechanism that has ensured the survival of mankind for millennia. If the scent looks unpleasant, it means that it is potentially dangerous.

The air from the drainage system is “flavored” with ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. It also contains methane, which does not have a strong odor. Volatile gases affect the state of the human nervous system. A feeling of anxiety, nervousness, and irritability may occur.

In a house that smells like a sewer, people can mourn, break, have trouble sleeping and even faint. Long-term exposure to hydrogen sulfide can lead to respiratory diseases: rhinitis, and bronchitis.

With a high concentration of gas in the air, poisoning is not ruled out, the symptoms of which are nausea, vomiting, headache, decreased blood pressure, and dizziness.

Ammonia negatively affects vision, and the respiratory system causes a state of excitement and has a general toxic effect. And methane can cause oxygen starvation in cells. Some disorders of the autonomic nervous system are not excluded. For example, a “twisted eye” may indicate prolonged exposure to methane in the body.

At the first sign of a sewer in the bathroom or toilet, you should immediately look for the cause of the odor and eliminate it. Otherwise, the concentration of gases in the air will only increase, and this can lead to negative consequences for the health of the occupants of the house.

The reasons for the smell in the bathroom

To better understand how air enters the room from the sewer, you need to have at least one general idea of ​​a sewer system. It consists of an elevator, in which all the apartments are drained or the hydraulic luminaries in the house are merged, pipes, hydraulic luminaries with pipettes.

It is a siphon formed by a water trap that must prevent air from entering the bathroom from the drain. The water is constantly in the turns of the device. If water is out water seal disappears partially or completely, it causes an odor.

Sewage flows into the elevator by gravity due to the difference in the levels at which the sewer pipes are located. For the normal operation of the elevator, air must flow from above, so that its upper part extends into the fan tube, which provides ventilation.

If the fan pipe is incorrectly positioned or blocked, air begins to flow into the drain through weak seams and pipe joints or siphons. In the second case, the water seal disappears partially or completely because it is absorbed into the sewer system.

The lower the siphon, the more likely it will be, and the lower the siphon level in the bathtub.

There are several main reasons why an unpleasant odor appears in the bathroom:

  • Errors in the design or installation of sewers

If the system is not assembled properly, a continuous aroma is guaranteed. Air fresheners and household chemicals will not solve the problem. You have to spend money: you have to repeat the cleaning and this has to be done by skilled craftsmen like Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς.

  • Wrong drain pipe angle

If the angle is too small, the sewage stops in the system and the smell of decay appears. A fundamental solution to the problem is also costly: you have to rebuild the pipeline. You can do it with half a meter – change the flanges and carefully seal the joints.

  • Chiffon malfunctions

If the pressure in the drainage system is above atmospheric, the air in the form of bubbles can escape through a siphon in the room. The reason is the filling of pipes with drains. This is possible due to insufficient diameter of the pipes (errors in the calculations during the design of the system), obstruction or icing.

  • Leaks

Water from the sewer system can leak through leaking pipe joints. If the leak is large, it is easy to detect potholes on the floor. If it is small, it is more difficult, because the water evaporates quickly and does not drip, but stinks and contributes to the humidity in the room.

  • Poor ventilation

In order not to stop the air, a ventilation system is installed. It can be natural or forced. If the system was originally installed incorrectly or the ventilation shaft is clogged, the room will have odor, moisture and fungus.

  • Blockage of pipes

The most common reason for the smell of sewage in the bathroom is obstruction. Dirt particles, debris, sand, and hair are constantly entering the sewer. Passing into pellets, threads, and hair, they narrow the inner diameter of the pipe, trapping dirt from pipes. The result is a power supply.

If the problem arose due to errors in the installation of sewage or ventilation, the solution should be left to professionals. But with blockages, device malfunctions, or leaks, you can figure it out on your own. The main thing is to correctly determine the cause of the dirt.

In many cases, an unpleasant odor in the bathroom can be easily avoided and it is timely to fight obstacles according to Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. Against blockages, it is enough to install special nets for the drainage of the bathtub and the sink and to clean them regularly from dirt. The grill traps hair and large particles that can clog the tube.

A common reason for the appearance of a negative sewage odor is the mistakes made during the installation of a bathroom siphon.

How to get rid of unpleasant odors?

You must first determine what caused the problem. It is necessary to consistently check the operation of the ventilation and drainage system of the pipe joints.

To make sure the ventilation is normal, place a sheet of paper on the grill. If it gets stuck, everything works fine. There is another simple diagnostic method: a lighted match or lighter is inserted into the airway. The flame must diverge towards the axis. If this does not happen, you need to ventilate.

The next step is to check the operation of the sink and the bathroom. You need to open the taps at full power and see how fast the water enters the drain holes. If it is slower than usual, this is a sign of obstruction.

If the water drains normally, but the smell does not subside, it makes sense to rinse the plums with boiling water. This is more of a precaution, but it helps to clean and disinfect the walls of the pipes and destroy the bacteria.

If everything is OK with ventilation and pipes, check and feel all the joints of the drainage system components. There should be no cracks or marks anywhere. If moisture is found, attach a dry, white cloth. A wet spot on it will help you determine exactly where the water is leaking. This part should be sealed.

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