Top trends in swimwear for 2022

The time of the beach has arrived and with it came the time to discover the top trends in swimwear for 2022, μαγιό from DKstyle.

The proposals of the famous designers gave their mark again, offering us a wide range of ideas that cover every taste, body type and age.

Bikini swimsuits, bodysuits, revealing or playful will have their place of honor this season. So renew your appearance, choosing a stylish and modern swimsuit according to the following trends.

Must for the season are the upside down bikinis

One of the top choices in bikinis for 2022 is the inverted triangle swimsuit. This is a design on the top of the set that looks like you have chosen to tie the laces upside down, ie that of the back to the neck and the neck to the back.

This small detail surprisingly emphasizes the bust. That’s why Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner chose it as a style last year.

Asymmetrical / one-shoulder swimsuit

Full body or bikini does not matter. One-shoulder swimsuits or generally asymmetrical cuts will be one of the top choices this year as well.

They have a retro and elegant look that will make your appearance on the beach dazzling. Just choose a design in the top colors of the season or dare a stylish print.

Cutouts in the middle

Apart from the fashion in the clothes for Summer 2022 with cuts on the chest, waist, etc., cutouts are a top trend for the swimsuits of the season.

This design gives a seductive look to the body, without being particularly revealing. Apart from the side openings that sculpt the waist and make it look more curved, the cutouts under the chest, above it or in the abdomen area, will give you an alternative proposal for your swimsuit.

Trendy decorative elements

The laces are a decorative element that has its place in fashion, affecting not only the clothes and shoes.

In addition to the classic triangles with the bottom tied at the side, especially popular this year will be the bikini tops with laces that tie around the trunk.

But equally popular will be the swimsuits with ruffles that add volume and playful look to our appearance for the beach. Correspondingly stylish will be the swimsuit designs with rings on the bra or the bottom.

Finally, the belt that sculpts the waist and makes it more feminine will be another trend for the Summer of 2022 at sea.

High leg swimsuits inspired by the 90’s

Although this trend does not suit all body types, it continues to be very popular in recent years.

Due to their cut, they have the ability to make the legs look longer, as their finish is above the hips.

In fact, if you choose the specific design with a retro pattern, then the result will be even more impressive.

Swimsuit with smocked design for 2022

In addition to the classic lycra fabric in swimwear, this year will be a must and embossed, also known as smocked.

These are bikini or one-piece designs with special elasticity that are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They are quite reminiscent of ribbed, which will continue to be worn this year, but in fact they are closer to what we call wasp nest.

Retro swimsuit

The 50’s fashion in swimwear has returned dynamically. This can be seen from the bodysuits or bikinis that have the air and the trends of that time.

In the case of bodysuits, halter and strapless swimsuits with a bottom style that covers a lot have their place of honor.

On the other hand, in bikini tops are the high-waisted briefs. They go perfectly with the classic triangle or a strapless bra.

Sports and surf swimwear for the season

For women who love sports and this particular outfit in general, the famous designers again suggested swimsuits ideal for sports. These are designs that are not so sexy and feminine, but comfortable and ideal for swimming on the beach.

Full body or bikini does not matter, as there are equally beautiful pieces in both styles.

Swimsuit designs with lurex or metallic shades

In case you like swimsuits that attract attention and shine, there are two options for this year. You can either wear a bodysuit or a bikini with lurex in their weave, or invest in a metallic shade.

After all, silver and gold have their place of honor this year.

V and high-waisted bottoms in bikinis

As for the bottom of the bikini, the top choices will be the high waisted ones and the ones with a V top.

The high-waisted bottoms in bikini swimsuits will continue to be an elegant and comfortable proposal that suits every body type. Choosing a retro pattern, a belt in the middle or some cutouts that will catch the eye, will give your look a more modern style.

On the other hand, V bottoms are more special and usually high leg. This small detail creates the illusion of a narrower waist that approaches the shape of an hourglass, no matter who your body type really is.

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