RID-X Septic Treatment


RID-X Septic Treatment

It is hard to think of septic treatments without the name of RID-X coming to mind.  They have possibly the most visible or best recognized name in the industry.  No website dedicated to providing consumers honest, third party reviews would be complete without a review of RID-X.

What jumps out to you right away when you visit the RID-X website is that the information they contain and the products that they offer are really no different than many of the septic treatments in the market place.  They offer a monthly treatment, no shocks, and you can purchase it in gel pack, powder or liquid format.

Because RID-X ( ydravlikos )is not really designed to help with severe back-ups or flooding systems, we decided to test it on moderately functioning systems.  While it is difficult to measure the strength or effectiveness of a product without visible symptoms of a backed up system, we decided to test it on functioning systems, but ones that had slow running drains and toilets and displayed some of the drain odor common with a backed up system.

We decided to go with the powder packs and found the price affordable, although by taking the time to search a bit we saved a few extra dollars.  For some reason the prices seem to vary from location to location.  Our products were delivered in a timely manner and applying the product was very simple.

We liked that RID-X offered us the option to have a monthly shipment sent to us.  It is a nice reminder and easy way to make sure that you’re taking the proper care of your septic system, which of course prolongs the life of that system.  Spending tens of thousands of dollars having to replace a septic system is no one’s idea of a good time.

As far as the results of RID-X however, that was a different story.  We did notice limited improvement in the drain function and after a couple months the odor was beginning to subside, but when compared to our Best Septic Treatment, RID-X simply didn’t compete, and to be honest we are not sure it is even created to compete with the more powerful options out there.

Due to our findings it is very difficult for us to recommend that consumers use RID-X septic treatment over many of the other brands we have reviewed here.  There are far faster working products that are able to treatment more severe damage as well.  In our opinion RID-X can maintain a new system by using the treatment monthly, however if your system is already showing signs or symptoms, there are just better alternatives out there.

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