How Millennials Are Changing The Fashion World

Our generation aims to stand out from a crowd with their clothing choices. Nowadays you’re definitely more likely to find a millennial browsing clothes on their smartphones than in a retail store in the mall. That’s because this generation of digital natives born 1990 and upwards prefer to display their individuality by curating and handpicking their wardrobes for themselves. Conforming to styles or trends composed by retailers just isn’t our thing. According to a market research, millennials are less attached to brands and keen on creating their own style. The younger consumers’ taste for fashion has completely evolved, but so has the experience of shopping, thanks to the Internet and smartphones.

I would like to phrase a couple of my own opinions and experiences here on in.

summer style

My peers and I like to dress in a characteristic fashion, and we find places that offer clothes that make us look similar. People our age choose comfortable clothes; we prefer clothes that complement our unique sense of fashion with a hint of authenticity and a nod towards class. We tend to give a lot of priority towards our footwear as well. We need them to be durable since our budgets are constrained, comfortable since we are on our feet most of the time, and also unique since we need them to complement our distinct sense of style. We are also very conscious about the accessories that we use. Since they compliment our sense of taste, we tend to give a huge chunk of our time in choosing what kind of props we use and where we put them. For example, a Game Of Thrones fan like myself would use a pin of The Hand Of The King that signifies my loyalty to the land of Westeros. A Harry Potter fan may adorn a pendant of the lightning bolt, and multiple other things may be used.

Millenials nowadays are abandoning the gender norms that are set by our predecessors. This has become a trend now, so if a man wears a skirt like Ezra Miller did on the red carpet of the fantastic beasts the movie, he is not ridiculed, he is instead noticed and appreciated. You get the idea. Ladies have always worn pantsuits and other manly attires which destroy the norms of gender stereotypes.

Another thing that we millennials appreciate is a fashionable bag that complete our outfit. It doesn’t matter where we bought them from as long as it completes our outfit. We personalize them to match our style and personalities, and this is largely appreciated by people our age and our parents look at us like we are crazy for doing some of the things above. Because of these things we millennials we break the norms that the society has placed on us that we are supposed to be a certain way. Each of us dance to the beat of our own rhythm and all we are looking for is to be ourselves. I guess that can be the take away from this article. Each of us is unique in our own way, and we just want the world to see us and appreciate us for who we are.


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