Dysfunction and Solutions


Well, this is a sensitive subject.. The figures for dysfunction will never really be known… In fact, a lot of men hide this even from their wives with the excuse that they just don’t want to have sex. An unfortunate thing for anyone to hear as women start a (sometimes) damaging process of self-evaluation.

There are often clear reason why men suffer from this problem. The first conclusion people usually jump to, is psychological. Men may have had a traumatic first time with an Athens call girl or Athens call girls, that may have caused the dysfunction.

Men suffering from anxiety and depression can experience erectile dysfunction regularly and the medications prescribed for these conditions, usually make an erection even more impossible.

As Muslims, we need to seriously re-evaluate our condition if we start to suffer from depression. It’s my belief as a Muslim(and I have a background in natural health treatments) that depression stems more from the heart than it does the mind.

After someone has had their hormone levels balanced, their body back to health and their mind settled of worries and pressures, there is still the matter of heart to deal with. Is our “ruh” happy? How do we get it there?

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest” – 13:28

In my experience, men are usually more effected by other factors and it has to do with our overall health.

Our societies are being bombarded with baked goods to spike our insulin levels, added sugar to do the same, unhealthy fats to clog our arteries and table salt to encourage our bad cholesterol levels. Fast food is the worst offender here having all three of these addictive qualities at a very reasonable price.

35% – 75% of men with diabetes will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. Not only this, but the small arteries that bring blood to the penis can be easily damaged by problems relating to high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

With chronic high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure and especially diabetes, sweeping over our communities like an epidemic, we’re seeing this problem perpetuate.

So what can be done about it?

Well, we need to look at exactly what we’re putting into our bodies. It borders on ridiculous that we are happy to pay for slowly poisoning ourselves. We shouldn’t just watch what we’re eating, we need to get mad about it.

Fat, sugar and salt are relatively rare in nature and our bodies are hard-wired to crave these things.. they’re rare because we shouldn’t have too much of them.

Like everything else that appeals to our base desires, these things are readily available in large quantities everywhere we look.. Greed is a reprehensible trait that should be chained and disciplined, but we don’t seem to care about our states any more.. instead, we’re happy to indulge in anything that’s technically “halal”.

The reason I say we should get mad is because the people that make these fast foods (generally) have been working tirelessly to get you to buy more.. the way they do it is this:

They take the three most addictive foods (that happen to be harmful if consuming too much), they refine those and reduce the costs as much as possible, they then remove as many nutrients and vitamins as possible and sell you the end product… also having the audacity to label it “food”.

The salt, fat and sugar gives you a temporary “rush” as a craving is being satisfied – acting exactly like a drug. When you eat this, the lack of nutrients and vitamins causes your body to try to replenish it’s own nutrient reserves to make up for the lack of substance in your “food”, further depleting your health…

Of course, because the food has no nutritional value, your body tells you that it hasn’t actually been fed, and you go on craving food, looking for your next fat, sugar, salt fix.

As this dizzying cycle repeats itself, you get more and more ill. Obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes.. largely because we’re being sold something called food, but in reality it’s anything but food.

We’re now dragging these ingredients into our houses. The fizzy sodas, baked goods using bleached flour (which has had chlorine gas passed through it), white sugar, margarine, etc etc.. and the list goes on..

THIS is the culprit for not only erectile dysfunction at astronomical levels, but low libido levels all around.

After just a week of eating properly (still with butter, oil, honey, bread…), libido levels will increase as hormone levels start to normalize.

Losing 10% of your body weight (if you’re overweight) increases your sexual function and performance by 15-20%.

Dysfunction doesn’t have to be long-term.

In a typical move by modern medicine, there’s the “solution” of taking a pill. This is temporary and not always safe. Remember that you don’t want to cover a problem up, your want to get rid of it permanently.

What do we do about impotence?

Steps to take now:

1. Buy decent groceries.. In this, include onions, garlic and especially beetroot.

2. Walk. You should be doing around 10 000 steps a day. It’s an energy shifter and you’ll need this for performance. So walk around the block a couple of times after dinner.

3. Eat something raw everyday… Fruits and vegetables… Some ideas are carrot sticks with hummus or celery with (good quality) peanut butter.

4. Stop smoking… This should be obvious, a great contributor to the problem.

5. Cut down on meat. There’s really no need to eat meat everyday. It lowers your energy and is bad for your digestion     and your breath

6. If you have a juicer, there’s no excuse for you.. you can combine half a thumb of ginger, a slice of watermelon, half a beetroot, a handful of kale, some cucumber and an apple. Drink that on an empty stomach an hour before dinner and try making your dinner lighter than usual. If you can’t get all those ingredients – make sure you get the beetroot, apples and ginger.

7. Remember that eating food with actual nutrition will stop food cravings and you’ll naturally feel less hungry.

8. Get some Ginko Biloba – have this with a multivitamin everyday.

9. Relax… Chances are your wife is willing to help out. Don’t be afraid to tell her what’s going on.

I fully understand that some men have more serious complications that happened due their bad first time with a paid sex girl ( Athens call girl or Athens call girls).

The importance of talking about Dysfunction.

Sex makes a home happier, happy homes create happy communities and well balanced societies. Don’t take sex for granted and don’t assume it’s just there for gratification… The bonding of shared pleasure is sacred.

Communicate this problem dysfunction and help get rid of the cause of these problems. We might be too embarrassed to openly admit this particular one, but we can at least get the education out there.

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